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Emissions Prevention


Undetected leaks can cost you a bundle. That’s why Swagelok has a bundle of services to find and plug costly leaks, so your operation runs more efficiently, with recognized compliance.


The Highest Rated Low-Emission Valves In The Industry.


Low-emission valve
Swagelok’s extensive line of valves pass the American Petroleum Institute’s most stringent fugitive emissions testing –– without modification. In fact, at no point during the thermal and pressure cycles prescribed by the test did the valves leak in excess of 100 ppm. That means when Swagelok low-e valves are on the job, you have an extra level of confidence that you’re going beyond compliance. And that can save you a bundle in regulatory penalties. Learn more about Swagelok low-E valves Click Here.


If There’s A Money-Wasting Leak, We’ll Find It!

Swagelok Leak Detection
Every day a leak goes undetected, it hurts your bottom line. Swagelok state-of-the-art detection tools identify leaks with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you’re facing fluid system or compressed gas leaks, our detection services hunt down emission to improve efficiency, boost reliability, and reduce energy consumption throughout your facility. Let Swagelok help you stop the leaks fast. Learn more about Swagelok detection services and products Click Here.



Swagelok Training Makes The Difference.


Training is critical to finding and eliminating leaks in any facility. So why not learn from the best? We support you with leak detection training on or off site, and hands-on webinars led by the most experienced experts in the business. Put Swagelok know-how and experience to work in your operation. Learn more about Swagelok training Click Here.




Swagelok leak detection, low-e valves and training. 

Good for your business. Good for the planet.

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