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Gas Distribution Systems

gas distribution system diagram

Whether you need a standard solution or custom arrangement, we can design and assemble a gas delivery system that is right for you. Our standard gas delivery panels come fully assembled and tested. They are easy to order from our application guide as single part numbers, minimizing the time your engineers spend on specification and procurement of new systems. They are also highly configurable—we can add features or make modifications as needed to suit your requirements.

We design Swagelok gas distribution systems based on best practices. Our modular panels feature minimal threaded connections to reduce potential leak points, and they are intuitively labeled to promote safe, simple use and maintenance. All our gas distribution systems are backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Gas Distribution Systems – Overview

Gas distribution is a critical function for many industrial, research, and production facilities. Safely, reliably, and effectively delivering gases to where they are needed provide the foundation for a strong operation. Gas distribution systems work to deliver gases from a high-pressure source to the facility at the pressure and flow rate required by each application. Most often built around one or a series of pressure regulation steps, gas distribution systems may have four typical subsystems: Source Inlet Connection, Primary Gas Pressure Control, Point-of-Use, and Automatic Changeover.

Choose From Modular Gas Distribution Subsystems

Swagelok® Changeover (SCO)

The automatic changeover system seamlessly switches from one gas source to another to ensure an uninterrupted supply. This is accomplished through staggered set points of two pressure regulators, allowing the system to continue to operate as the primary gas source is changed. Our changeover station allows for custom changeover set points to help reduce wasted gas left in cylinders.

Changeover point remains constant Optional line regulation available if your system incorporates a point-of-use regulator downstream, eliminating additional cost of a regulator on the SCO Flexibility to set changeover pressure to your specification.

Swagelok® Gas Panel (SGP)

As the primary gas pressure control, the SGP completes the first pressure reduction of the source gas and ensures it is delivered at the correct flow rate to the next stage of the system. Pressure reduction is accomplished in either one stage with a single pressure regulator or two stages through a dual pressure regulator arrangement.

Modular panel is easy to service and maintain as any part can be removed via a Swagelok connection, so the panel never needs to be removed Options can be implemented around the regulator and valves for color-coding if required for your site     Swagelok® Source Inlet (SSI) The source inlet establishes a connection between the high-pressure gas source and the distribution system. It is important the inlet is built with appropriate cylinder connections, hoses, tubing, filters, and vent, purge, and relief functions to ensure that gas can be safely fed into the primary gas pressure control or automatic changeover. For a single gas cylinder, the assembly can be as simple as a hose and connector, while multiple cylinders may require a manifold incorporating many hoses and valves. Highly configurable options to purge or vent gases when changing bottles, always ensuring operator safety Available option to vent individual lines to maximize uptime.   

Swagelok® Point-of-Use (SPU) The point-of-use system provides the critical last stage of pressure control prior to the gas being used. These are often the least complex of the four main subsystems, typically having a pressure regulator, gauge, and isolation valve. Point-of-use systems give operators and technicians a convenient and accurate method of adjusting pressure to meet their test bench or equipment needs. Provides standardization and consistent operation at the point of use Can be set up for either top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top flow to meet your setup needs Compact design Mounting options include flat plate, bottom mount, top mount, wall mount .  

Additional Support for Gas Distribution Systems In addition to helping you achieve your gas distribution goals by building standardized, highly configurable gas delivery solutions, we also offer Swagelok® gas distribution evaluation and advisory services. These services are delivered by Swagelok-certified gas distribution advisors who help you improve the reliability of gas distribution systems by analyzing your existing operations and recommending adjustments to improve system performance. They can help you:

  • Protect the well-being of system operators and employees
  • Improve uptime, process accuracy, and process repeatability
  • Reduce costs by minimizing leakage and unplanned maintenance
  • Focus your time and resources where they are needed most