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Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

The Power to Connect, Convey, Control, and Customize

Companies that generate, store, convert, or convey power need fluid systems that provide leak-tight performance. From nuclear, hydroelectric, thermal, gas- and coal-fired plants to combined cycle and cogeneration facilities, Swagelok stands behind the power industry with the products, services, and training to perform under pressure. These pressures can come in many forms including:

  • Costly problems like vibration, leakage, thermal shock, and improper installation that may also lead to safety concerns
  • Evolving environmental regulations that demand engineering and fabrication support to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Changing safety and industry standards such as ASME Section III for the nuclear sector that challenge companies to keep pace

High pressures and temperatures, superheated steam, hazardous chemicals—all require fluid system solutions that are suited for harsh, high-stress environments. Swagelok® products have been proven in critical power industry applications for over 75 years. Across the world, energy producers, storers, and distributors trust our design and manufacturing expertise to help them keep the power on.

Services for the Power Industry

We provide technical consulting to the energy generation, storage, and distribution sector that improves fluid system safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Across the world, power plants and facilities of many types protect their critical infrastructure with solutions and insight from Swagelok engineers.


Field Engineering

Our global field service team is an engineering resource for customers who value professional consultation about changing pressure, temperature, and flow requirements for their critical processes. We can help you improve plant safety and fluid system health, reduce emissions, onboard new personnel, or help with fluid subsystem assembly.

Training and Education

Equip personnel with the skills to ensure a smooth operation. Our training courses range from tube fittings essentials to tube bending to fluid system installation. Attend our courses to receive expert guidance on valve selectionregulator usehose management, and materials science. Also learn about process analyzersampling, and steam systems.

Evaluation and Advisory Services

Our site surveys look for opportunities to align operational best practices with your liquid, air, and compressed gas systems. We help by identifying leaks, prioritizing areas of concern, documenting problems, and charting steps to improve system health. Whether your focus is design, production, or MRO, you can count on Swagelok to drive efficiency.

Design and Assembly

Get the custom assembly your power plant needs. We take ideas from concept to creation and reduce your costs by reducing in-house R&D effort, component handling, QA inspections, rework, and assembly time. Let us focus on planning and integration so you can focus on other priorities.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Make sure the products you need are always on hand. We can assist you with inventory optimizing, organizing, labeling, and reordering to prevent stockouts and reduce the risk of downtime. Eliminate transaction fees and avoid being bogged down by surplus items with carefully managed onsite consignment cabinets.