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Swagelok Training and Education Services

Swagelok Denver Training Seminars

Training and Education

Swagelok Denver, an authorized Swagelok sales and service center, offers a variety of standard and customized training courses tailored to your needs, time frames and learning style.  The purpose of our training offerings is to assist in improving the overall safety of your work environment, increase productivity and keep you up to date on the latest fluid system technologies. Receive hands-on instruction from our specialists on the proper use, installation, and maintenance of Swagelok products. Class discussions also focus on general market and specific application issues and best practices. Below are a few of the standard training courses we offer:


General Swagelok Product Training

Your local Account Manager will work with you to discuss and demonstrate ways to ensure that you create safe, leak-free Swagelok connections. Our goal is to guarantee that each of our customers understands the proper installation and maintenance techniques when using any Swagelok product. 

Course Length: Varies (typically 30 minutes)

Cost: No Charge


Swagelok Tube Fitting Essentials and Tube Bending Essentials

This is a hands-on course with multiple exercises to measure participants understanding of the material presented.  This course teaches the proper installation procedures for Swagelok tube fittings, looks at the causes of leakage, how to troubleshoot potential problem areas and reviews general fluid system safety considerations.  This course also teaches students the proper method for bending tubing while reducing scrap.  Proper tube cutting, deburring and handling techniques are also discussed.

Course Length:  4 hours

Cost: $250 per student (includes lunch, student workbook and miscellaneous give-away items)

*Additional packages are available that include specific tube bending equipment, contact your account manager for more information.

These courses are just a few of our most requested training sessions.  We also offer training courses for: 

  •  Safe Valve Selection         
  •  Orbital Welder Training         
  •  Swagelok VCR/VCO Installation Training          
  •  Regulator Safety Training         
  •  Customized Training Available On Request

We understand the importance of safety. That is why we offer a wide variety of training courses designed to meet your specific needs. For more information on available classes and packages, please contact us today.


Swagelok University is an effective and interactive online training source with more than 100 online courses at your fingertips. Topics include general technical, scientific fundamentals, plant science, industry-specific content, and product information. Online testing and tracking can monitor your progress. Browse the online Swagelok University Course Catalog.

Swagelok Energy Advisors, Inc. (SEA)

Our global team, supported by a network of more than 200 authorized Swagelok sales and service centers, delivers immediate and ongoing impact with:   Our highly experienced steam system engineering consultants and senior field engineers have been involved in thousands of steam system projects around the world.  SEA, wholly owned by Swagelok Company, helps clients around the world strengthen performance and efficiency by providing high-impact consulting and training services for steam, condensate and compressed air systems. Take a look at the SEA brochure.

  •  Steam and Condensate System Training
  •  Steam System Evaluation
  •  Steam System Roadmap Implementation
  •  Steam Trap Station Management Program
  •  Ultrasonic Leak Detection for Compressed Air Systems 

Process Analyzer Sampling Systems, (PASS)

If you're a sample system designer or troubleshooter, you know each system's differences can pose its own set of challenges in design, operation, and maintenance. With the Process Analytical Sampling Systems training course attendees will learn the variables which affect sampling systems so they can head potential issues before they arise. Also, attendees will learn to assess and analyze sample systems and their designs holistically.

  • Clearly Differentiate the Functions that a Sampling Systems Performs
  • Create Reliable Sample Systems
  • Analyze a Complex System to Understand it Better and Troubleshoot Problem Designs

Ten Action Points, (TAP)

Energy effective and reliability are paramount in steam system operations, and an investment in a TAP Your Steam System training course yields measurable, bottom-line benefits for your organization. Attendees learn Ten Action Points (TAP) they can apply immediately to their own plants to improve steam system design and operation.

  • Increase Production Output and Reliability
  • Improve Plant Safety
  • Reduce Energy Cost without Capital Expenditures

Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance Training, (SSM)

If your job is maintaining a sampling system, you may not have the time or resources to come up to speed on the system. Achieving the results you need depends on deepening your understanding of the system, as well as fine-tuning the system for optimum performance. Check out our SSM Brochure.

  • Sample System Performance
  • Diagnosing and Fixing Time Delay Problems
  • Sample Conditioning Techniques

Please contact us for additional information or specific questions you may have regarding any of our training and educational offerings. We look forward to talking with you today.