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Small Bore Solutions

Small Bore Solutions

Historically, piping was the way to get fluid from point A to point B for any system more than an inch in diameter. It's even written into a lot of specifications. But once you've tried tubing for small-bore applications, it's hard to go back. Tubing is simpler, safer, and faster.

Comparing tools, labor & maintenance needed

Consider the tools needed for building a typical threaded piping project: Pipe stands, dies, cutting oils, sealants, and PTFE tape or sealant. Then there is assembly, testing, dis-assembly, rework, and reassembly. For a welding job, you need a qualified welder and welding equipment. Depending on the job, you may need weld permits, air tests, firebox, tacking, weld quenching, finish welding, purging, passiviation and inspections.

To make the same system out of tubing is much less complex. Aside from the tubing and fittings, you need only a tube bender, a deburring tool and a wrench. On a big job, a hydraulic swaging unit might come in handy instead of the wrench. With a little instruction, anyone in the plant can assemble and install Swagelok tube fittings correctly the first time, and we offer training classes if you are looking for extra support and training.