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Swagelok Denver | Casper | Western Slope

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain

Swagelok Denver offers supply chain optimization services that can help you reduce inventory carrying costs, increase working capital, and reduce the costs associated with storage, movement, and replenishment of your fluid system components.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

One of the most important value-added services available from Swagelok Denver is inventory management (VMI). Our trained associates have years of experience in helping to manage a customer’s inventory. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in inventory carrying costs, by reducing their overall stocking levels.  We can prepare part usage reports, which will help analyze your inventory requirements. We will work with you to establish min/max levels for your inventory, and help to replenish inventory so the components are there when you need them. We will provide you with performance reports that detail the timeliness of our shipments.

Collaborative Forecasting 
Swagelok Denver can help assure an uninterrupted supply of Swagelok components, received when you need them, by working with you to unite your product forecasts with our product fulfillment strategies. We can analyze your historical and forecasted product usage to ensure high fill rates while reducing the costs of carrying needless inventory. We have the ability to work with many different industries, quickly respond to changing applications and environments, while focusing on quality and performance.

Stocking Strategies

Swagelok is committed to finding ways to meet your needs for low volume items, while we maintain availability of the most popular items. We continually work to find this balance through supply chain strategies. We recognize and understand the value that low volume items provide to you and your customers.

Custom Kitting 
We help customers reduce the cost of doing business by offering an array of customized component packaging options. We can help eliminate additional handling at your site by pre-packaging components to your specifications. This service can help reduce packaging waste, reduce warehousing costs, and increase the efficiency of your assembly process. Contact us to learn more.